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Per Aage Brandt. Danish writer and linguist. Looking for ways to manage vertigo symptoms? Try the Brandt-Daroff exercises.

Den danske forfatter Per Aage Brandt læser op fra sin nyeste... by Per Aage Brandt, Bent Rosenbaum, Harly Sonne, Anne Marie Dinesen 2 editions - first published in 1994. «Wolfgang Wildgen er Per Aage Brandt offrent une étude originale et importante aux sémioticiens et linguistes, consacrée à la théorie des catastrophes, développée "A cognitive scientist by trade, Per Aage Brandt's poems resemble little puzzle boxes-all quite short with lines of almost identical length. Per Aage Brandt is the author of a dozen books and more than 150 published papers on cognitive and semiotic theory of language, grammar, aesthetics, art, and music. As a scholar trained in Romance Philology (French and Spanish), he has worked his way through structural linguistics and structural... Per Aage Brandt, professor, född 26 april 1944 i Buenos Aires.