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Denne opgave besvarer: En kort redegørelse for genren graphic novel og dens opståen. En analyse og fortolkning af "Watchmen", med vægten lagt på Rorschach, Dr.

Manhattan og The... I was recently re-watching the Watchmen movie, when on the opening credits I noticed that Alan Moore was not credited, but only Dave Gibbons, who Moore has subsequently stated that he wishes his name to be removed from all comic work that he does not own, including Watchmen and V for... Reportedly, Alan Moore's original plot for Watchmen only amounted to six issues of content, yet he had contracted to deliver twelve issues, and that's where the quite-effective idea of alternating "story" issues with "character" issues came to be. In general, the odd-numbered issues advance the main... Con Watchmen de Alan Moore llegamos a nuestra segunda entrega de Los mejores cómics, la sección en la que os ofrecemos lecturas recomendadas de En segundo lugar, porque si Alan Moore con Watchmen destruye al héroe clásico, también crea al héroe moderno.