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Compassionate Chair Work. Paul Gilbert is Professor of Clinical Psychology, University of Derby and has been actively involved in research and treating people with shame-based and mood disorders for over 30... Książka Compassion-focused Therapy autorstwa Gilbert Paul , dostępna w Sklepie EMPIK.COM w cenie .

Founded by British clinical psychologist Paul Raymond Gilbert, CFT is an integrative approach that uses research and tools not just from psychology, but... Compassion-focused therapy addresses concerns related to shame and self-criticism and aims to helps people develop greater compassion for the self Developed in the early 21st century by Paul Gilbert, the CFT approach incorporates theories, principles, and techniques from various schools of... Prof Paul Gilbert. Research into the beneficial effect of developing compassion has advanced enormously in the last ten years, with the development of inner compassion being an important therapeutic focus and goal. Compassion Focused Therapy will be a valuable source for students and professionals in training as well as practising therapists who want to learn more about the distinctive features of CFT.