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Though his work is frequently read as white paintings... Bog bodies, which are also known as bog people, are the naturally preserved human corpses found in the sphagnum bogs in Northern Europe. Unlike most ancient human remains, bog bodies have retained their skin and internal organs due to the unusual conditions of the surrounding area. A commission to produce a series of visual, sonic and kinetic installations has been awarded to Cryptic, a Glasgow-based arthouse, as part of the Peatland Partnership's Flows to the Future Project in conjunction with the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh. Future of Space Exploration.

Tangible and intangible heritage require different approaches for preservation and safeguarding, which has been one of the main motivations driving the conception... Tangible & Abstract describes how we naturally react more to inputs that are vivid and immediate than those that are abstract and removed. As noted in the video, decision making is naturally impacted more by vivid, tangible, contemporaneous factors than by factors that are removed in time and space. We use time-driven activity-based costing to estimate the cost of personnel and space for an elective coronary artery bypass graft (CABG) surgery at two We use variance analysis to remove the effect of differential prices paid for personnel and space at the three hospitals.